Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...the joy of music

Ever since I can remember, I have always liked good music, especially the opera. Where this love came from, I don't know.
Fortunately, my music teachers tolerated my interest and took my to Cleveland to hear the Cleveland Orchestra (Beethoven's Ninth!) and the opera, especially when The Met would come to town for a week. People sometimes ask, "what is your favorite opera" to which I can only answer, "the one I am listining to now". However, I confess to being overwhelmed by "Der Ring des Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner. Recommend it highly to opera lovers. The photo is me about 14 conducting a piece in our living room. Enjoy the Music!

Going to the gym

In 1976 I decided to get back into shape. After 6 months of cardio training, I lost 60 pounds and ran my first marathon in Erie, PA. I was fortunate to complete 33 marathons, the last being Long Beach, CA in 1991.
In the late 1980's, I started going to the gym, mainly lifting weights. At the left is a photo of about 5 years ago. At that time, I had pumped my muscles up to an uncomfortable size.
My message here is to encourage everyone to pariticipate in some form of exercise, appropriate for you. For many, this might be brisk walking. Others might like swimming, biking, or playing ball with your children. A gym is not necessary for exercise. However, I find it motivating to be in an environment where people are exercising and having fun.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Representative Steve LaTourette

It is important that we participate in the political process. Too many Americans do not. The strength and vitality of our representative democracy depends on substantial participation by the voters.

Steve LaTourette has represented the 14th congressional district in Ohio for the past 16 years. He has made significant contributions for both the country and district. Steve understands how Washington works, while not losing touch with those he represents. I support him for re-election.

Recently we had a fund raiser for Steve in Ashtabula. In the photo, I am introducing the Congressman to a group of interested citizens. His remarks and answers to our questions are very helpful for understanding and participating in the political process.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

In May of this year, MFG participated in the annual AWEA (American Wind Energy Assoc.) meeting, which was held this year in Dallas, TX. Approximately 25,000 wind energy professionals gathered for education and networking.
We displayed our products and services in a 20 x 20 booth. Centered in our booth was a spinner for a 1.5MW turbine. We also had our service company, Wind Energy Servies, (www.windenergyservicesusa.com)
well reprsented (see photo at right).
MFG beleives that renewable energy, made in America, is vital to our country's long term economic well being and our national security. We have been producing wind blades since the 1980's, and continue to do so in our blade plants in TX and SD.

At the left are two Teammates that are very important to our wind energy program. To my right (I am the short guy in the middle) is Carl LaFrance, our wind energy champion. To my left is Dave Denny, our Executive Vice President
Carl and Dave enjoy the challenges of wind and are first rate Teammates.
BTW, our MFG wind energy ties were very popular.


In mid -April, I travelled to Paris, France to attend the annual JEC Composites exhibition and convention. The JEC is the largest show in the world focusing on composites suppliers and users, as well as those interested in learning about composites.
JEC Composites is very well run by Ms. Frederique Mutel and her talented team. Over 30,000 people attended JEC 2010. I was privileged to be this year's Honorary Chairman. The photo at the left was taken during my presentation to the media. I spoke of the history of MFG and what we are doing now. I am grateful to the JEC for this opportunity and honor. The only negative about this wonderful trip was being caught by the volcano. Five extra days in Paris. Great city in which to be grounded.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Volcano!

In early April, 2010, I flew to Paris, France to attend the Joint Economic Composites Conference, more commonly know as the JEC. It was a five day trip that took 10 days. The Iceland volcano (with the huge and complicated name) blew the day before departure, stranding thousands in Europe. Fortunately, I was in Paris and was able to remain in my hotel for an extra five days. Many others were not as fortunate.

Signing the blade!

General Electric is promoting wind energy with an interesting program entitled "Capture the Wind". The project started in Aberdeen, SD, with a dedication ceremony and a parade through town of a GE 40 meter blade, manufactured by MFG South Dakota. Both young and old citizens (and those in the middle) are asked to "sign" the blade indicating their support for renewable energy. The blade, transported on a huge trailer, and hauled by a beautiful Peterbilt tractor, wound its way through the midwest with stops at several cities. The blade eventually arrived in Dallas, TX, and was parked in front of the Dallas Convention Center, where inside the American Wind Energy Association was holding its annual convention. The photo on the left records my support and signing of the blade. Here's to renewable energy, made in America!